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Brompton Frame Protection


Professional frame protection for your Brompton, personally initiated by 2022 BWC champion Okart, mechanics use meticulous skill to cover the frame to protect the painting, so that your Brompton will not be damaged by sand and stones on the road, and free from scrapes, scratches, and regular wear and tear.

Arctic Protect Film

Arctic bike protectors are the same standard as car protectors. Premium film, 20 times thicker than glass coating, scratch and dirt resistant. Help your Brompton shine like it's coated with glass.

In order to match your bike model, Thermaltake bicycle will provide two options of matte and glossy.


Due to Brompton needs to be cleaned before filming. After coating, it is necessary to wait for the protective film to completely adhere to the surface of the frame, so it needs to be reserved for 3 working days.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Filming
  • Final confirmation

Warranty Terms

One year warranty.
Scratched area replacement only.

1.Provide the purchase receipt, or the warranty certificate from the store.
2.If it is unusable due to human factors, no replacement service will be provided.


Model Material Price
C LINE & P LINE Matt NT $5500
Glossy NT $5500
CHPT3 Glossy NT $5500
Upgrade Maintenance All material NT $6500

Filming Area

  • Top Tube
  • Down Tube
  • Steerer Tube
  • Fork
  • Crank
  • Seat Tube

Before & After

There is little difference between before and after filming.Keep the original paint, only slightly reflective at the logo.

  • Initiated by 2022 BWC champion Okart
  • Thermaltake Bicycle Exclusive